How to Identify your Target Customer

target customer
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Identifying your target customer in a productive way is very likely going to require some research. You can do your own trial and error, watching customer behaviors or read studies on consumer behavior. Chances are you are going to do a little bit of both.

Identifying your target customer is often a process. You will need to be open to your perception of your product or service changing!

You may end up surprised when you discover a whole niche of people interested in your product that you didn’t even think to consider targeting.

To get the process started, start with these five quick steps!

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5 Mistakes You’re Making with an Online Scheduler

You may have an online scheduler, or you may have just started looking into why you need one for the success of your business. Either way, avoid these five mistakes you can make with online appointment software and make the most of the possibilities!

One: Assuming that the more expensive it is, the better it is:
Avoid the pain of mistakes with your online scheduler
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Consumers have a habit of doing this with a lot of brands and products. The more money you have to spend on it, the more money it must be worth right? While that may be true to a certain extent as quality often costs more to produce, it’s really not a hard and fast rule.

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How to Increase Bookings through Social Media

Before we get into how to increase bookings, let’s start out with a few facts:

social media share of online time

Then, according to Buffer’s State of Social 2018 Report:

  • 74% of marketers have found social media marketing effective.
  • 90% of marketers have social media marketing listed as a top priority.
  • 78% of marketers have found social media to be their most effective marketing channel, outranking both email and SEO.
So let me ask you something: Do you social media can be leveraged to increase bookings?

(Hint: The answer is HECK YES!)

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How Online Appointment Software Becomes Online Marketing

Online marketing
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First off, it’s important to realize that online appointment software isn’t just about your clients having the ability to easily book appointments online.  That on it’s own is reason enough to invest in online scheduling software.

For more on the benefits of an online scheduling platform, check out our article 5 Benefits of Using an Online Scheduling Software.

Here’s what’s really exciting: Using an online appointment software can be and should be a part of your online marketing strategy.

How on earth is an online booking platform marketing?

Let’s take a look at what it takes to survive in online marketing.

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Grow Your Business with Online Payment Software

Grow Your Business with online payment
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If you are an entrepreneur, it really doesn’t matter what industry your in, you are going to constantly be looking for ways to grow your business and get an edge to set you apart. We suggest implementing online payment software as one solution for growth because you need to constantly be thinking about what your target customer wants, needs, and expects. Failing to deliver in any of these three categories will be problematic for your business growth.

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5 Bad Customer Service Habits to Fix Today

Stop making these bad customer service mistakes!
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Maybe not so surprisingly, great customer service seems to be evasive and bad customer service habits run rampant.

If you run a business that requires you to interact with people, then you work in customer service. The best customer service comes through strategy, practice, and an acceptance that sometimes customers won’t be happy with you.

What makes for bad customer service?

MyCustomer’s 2018 customer journey mapping report identifies 5 key habits that are ruining customer experience with businesses.

The top ranking bad customer service habit is causing customers to be passed around through multiple channels or people. Customer’s cite that this can be more frustrating then the issue they had in the first place. If you’ve every dealt with major phone companies, the irritation of this bad habit is pretty obvious!

A bad customer service habit like this makes customers feel like you don’t actually care and are trying to avoid helping them.  Which is pretty much the epitome of bad customer service and a huge killer for customer retention.

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Tips to turn Procrastination into Productivity

Tips to improve procrastination
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A couple weeks ago I went over a few main causes of procrastination to help you identify where your problem lies and can start improving. Today, I want to go over more specific tips that you can implement today to improve your time management, turning procrastination into productivity.

Before we get into the tips, let’s start with a bonus tip. As you approach eliminating procrastination in your business, take a breath. If you let yourself get overwhelmed, you’ll be more likely revert back to procrastinating. This time procrastinating stopping procrastination. You see how this could become a never ending cycle?

So, take a step back and try one tip at a time. You will find success!

6 Tips to Get Rid of the Procrastination Habit
One- Admit the problem and give it a name:

This is probably the same step for getting past any bad habit in your life. You have to name it before you can stop it. Once you give this behavior a name, it’s no longer an abstract smokey thing ruling your life. Instead it’s locked inside whatever words you put it in and squash.

So, when you start procrastinating, say in your head (or out loud), “I am procrastinating. It’s time to get back to work!” This is what I like to call, Mindset Magic!

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How to Improve Your Customer Retention in 3 Simple Steps

How to Improve Customer Retention
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No matter what kind of business you are – B2B, B2C, Saas, etc. – your success is going to rely pretty heavily on customer retention. Acquiring new customers is great, but maintaining those customers and creating customer loyalty is what’ll bring your business stability and success.  Really, “better customer retention means more revenue and a better brand reputation”.

3 Great Ways to Improve Customer Retention

First, Set clear expectations and then deliver more:  When you first start working with a client – or even are offering your services – make sure you set clear expectations of what you offer. You don’t want to offer them the moon, if you can only deliver the stars. So, evaluate your services and the quality of your services and what they can truly do for your customer.

For example, if your a massage therapist don’t tell your client that you can eliminate their back pain if you know you can elevate their pain. Eliminate says that after a few sessions with you, they won’t be experiencing any pain at all. Elevate acknowledges that while you know your services will help, you also recognize that the pain they experience could return do to the clients own lifestyle or possible medical conditions.

If you offer too much and can’t deliver, even if what you gave them was amazing, your client will walk away dissatisfied. However, if you are realistic about what your clients can expect they will trust you and keep coming back to you.

Along side this, it’s always a good idea to do a little bit more than what you promised. For example, you might add on a smaller service free of charge. You can offer it, suggesting that if they’d be interest, you’d like to add the service for them to try. This turns into a opportunity to demonstrate that you care about your clients experience, while also showing a service that they may not have realized they needed.

Both will lead to a loyal customer who is willing to spend more money on your services.

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Do You Really Need Online Scheduling Software?

Yes! You Need Online Scheduling Software

Any client focused business that wishes to progress should really look into using an online appointment system. There are so many benefits to using a scheduling tool, that it doesn’t really make any sense to not use one.

However, there are some reasons as to why your business may absolutely NEED an online booking system, versus it just being a good idea. Below we go over four main reasons your business may be suffering for need of a better way for clients to make appointments.

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