Online Marketing Strategies for a Millennial Customer

Social Media.
Social Media and Online Marketing
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It’s not the end all of online marketing strategies. However, if you’re not investing in it, you’re going to be in trouble. And it’ll be the doomsday kind of trouble if you’re trying to target a millennial customer.


62 percent of Millennials¬†are more likely to become a loyal customer if a brand engages with them on social networks. Loyal customers are gold in business. You need them to maintain and grow as a business. It really doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, retaining customers is necessary for a business to have success.

Does customer loyalty mean that they buy products and services from your frequently?

Probably, but not necessarily.

It does mean, however, that when a flashy new kid shows up on the block that they aren’t just going to jump ship and start playing Fortnite at their house instead of yours.

They trust you and your brand.

It also means that when they’re getting their hair done and the stylist starts talking about needing such-and-such, yours is the name that they will recommend.

Having your customers promote your business, either in person or on social media, is magic. It all starts by diving into social media basics, growing a community and engaging with said community of customers that follow your brand.

Online Marketing Strategies for Millennials
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One of the key online marketing strategies you want to make sure is up your sleeve is an active, engaging, and useful blog.

33% of Millennial rely on blogs to gain insight into a business and their products and services before they make a purchase.

No you can’t be a Saas business like Georgie Scheduler and write a blog about the amazing aspects of Tacos. While a Taco blog might be cool, it’s important to target your customer in your blog, just as much as you do an ad or a Facebook page. Relevance and usefulness are key!

A blog for your business is the perfect opportunity to help your customers get to know your service. You can help them understand what makes it the best in the industry. Plus, provide an extended value beyond your product to your customer.

This empowers your customer to make their own decision, while also pointing to your trustworthy business as being the right choice for them.

For example, Georgie Scheduler offers a service for an online scheduling software and payment system. This blog, in support of their business, goes over what to look for in an online scheduling software, what are the benefits, why small businesses should take advantage of these tool, etc.

The goal being to help potential customers understand the product and how it could be applied to their business in a helpful way.

To extend value, we also write about basic business management, marketing, and customer service strategies and tools. All areas of business that online appointment software works to improve.

Georgie Scheduler was developed with the small business owner in mind and a goal to help you succeed. This blog is developed with the same mindset. To inform and to help you grow.

Don’t get overwhelmed with these online marketing strategies.

Developing a blog and growing a social media presence for your business may seem overwhelming, but the benefits are exponential. Especially if your target customer includes the Millennial consumer.

It all starts by identifying your target customer and honing in on what your blog and community focus will be.



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