How to Evaluate Online Appointment Software

Evaluate Online Appointment Software

You need online appointment software.

The good news is that you actually do have a lot of options.

The “bad” news is that you need to make sure that you are choosing an online appointment software that is the best fit for your small business.

I mean, that’s not necessarily a bad thing, it just means doing research and making a decision. Which, for some, is kind of a loathsome task.

So to make it a bit easier and quicker, we’ve come up with some tips on how to effectively evaluate online appointment software. You’ve still got to decide what online scheduling software is best for you (cough cough Georgie Scheduler), but these tips should help you know what’s really the most important parts to consider.

Categories to Evaluate Online Appointment Software

Does it fulfill your basic requirements?

Think about what you actually need your online appointment software to do. There are some features that any good online appointment software should have. You know…like clients easily being able to book appointments online.

But if the scheduling system you’re looking at doesn’t send out appointment reminders, store and secure client data, and give you control over how you set up your availability, then you are missing out on what is better and best about online appointment software.

Ease of Use and Set Up

This is a no brainer. If something is too hard to figure out and use, then it’s not going to be a software worth investing in.

So, when you are shopping around you’ll want to pay attention to what people are saying in reviews. Take advantage of trial periods and be sure to walk through any tutorials they offer to help you take advantage everything the platform can give you.

Quality of Customer Service

Just because online appointment software is….online, it doesn’t meant that you don’t deserve a real team of people that provide professional and personal customer care.

For Georgie Scheduler, customer service is based out of the Pacific Northwest and is available for everything from issues your clients experience to on-boarding your business. You’ll get in touch with real people that are ready to help.

Whatever online scheduler you choose, you want to make sure that customer care is a priority.

A couple tell-tale signs that customer care is a priority include:
  • Customers are giving the business a shout out in their reviews.
  • How to contact customer service is easy to find.
  • Their website features their customer service as one of their top qualities.


Cost is always a factor. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got money to burn or are stressing the bottom line. If you’re running a small business then you’ve got to be looking for services that are high quality, but are cost effective.

Evaluate Online Appointment Software based on Cost

Online scheduling software costs typically range from free (like Georgie Scheduler) to $300. Often the cost of online schedulers outweigh the benefits.

However, just like most things, the higher the cost doesn’t mean the better the product. Sometimes costs are higher because of extras that are added on. Other times the brand itself comes with a price tag.

Thus, as you evaluate online appointment software makes sure cost isn’t priority one!

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