Can Facebook Marketing Really Grow your Massage Therapy Business?

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You’ve started your own massage therapy business and you are looking at marketing options to increase your client list. You’ve likely been told to hit social media marketing hard and to start with Facebook marketing.

I mean, we know that the average user spends roughly two hours and fifteen minutes on social media a day. And research shows that customers spend more with businesses that they’ve interacted with on social media.

Chances are pretty dang good that your customer is on social media often, making it a good place to try and get your name, your business, in front of their eyes.

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Online Business Tools for Massage Therapists

online business tools

When you’re staring your massage business, you probably have a lot of resources you’re looking to use to make your business run smoother. There are so many different online business tools available. Whether its for business management or marketing, you’ll have a lot of options.

But these five online business tools, are five essentials you won’t want to skip for your massage therapy practice.

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4 Tips to Use Holiday Marketing

holiday marketing

Even if you don’t celebrate any holidays, you know that we’re walking into months of traveling to see family, buying gifts, and putting up hokey decorations. As a small business owner, this can either mean some slow months or an opportunity to boost sales with holiday marketing.

It’s all about taking advantage of the new marketing angles AND the buyer mindset. Because as many films there are about the true meaning of Christmas it’s still the biggest gift giving holiday there is and consumers are in buying mode.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday constitute two of the biggest shopping days of the year. There’s so much at play during the holiday shopping season. Consumers need gifts for their loved ones that will make their little hearts sing. There’s also marketing tactics going that say now is the only time to get deals this good. So consumers have the fear or missing out (FOMO) driving many purchasing decisions.

As a business owner, you get to take advantage of this perfect sales storm.

So how can you get in the game without getting lost in all the hullabaloo of holiday sales?

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10 First Steps to Start a Massage Business

selective focus photography of store open sign hanging on door

Starting your own massage business can be overwhelming. There are a lot of moving parts to manage and chances are you’ve put a lot out on the line. So get started on the right foot with these 10 steps to start a massage business.

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Leveraging Engagement to Increase Customer Retention

Happy Customers means you Increase Customer Retention
Increase Customer Retention through Engagement Monitoring

Usually when you’re being advised on how to increase customer retention, you’re going to be told at least one of two things.

The first, is to have an amazing product that’s worth sticking around for. The second is to have great customer service, helping your customers when they run into problems.

Having a great product is important. It’s what’s going to interest clients in the first place. But, it’s not necessarily going to be the number one factor that keeps them there. Customer service that is actually helpful to your customer is important too. But using this as a tactic to stop a customer from leaving limits the action you take to only happen when customers come to you.

Now, of course, these are both areas you need to be investing in, however they’re simply not enough.

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What are the Product Life Cycle Stages?

product life cycle moon cycle

Everything in the world seems to have it’s cycle. It’s pattern. It’s beginning, middle, and end. This includes a product or service that business offers. We call it a product life cycle.

A product or service’s life cycle can typically be broken down into five stages.

  1. Development
  2. Introduction
  3. Growth
  4. Maturity
  5. Decline

These stages might vary in what they look like exactly depending on whether you are offering a product or a service. And then they will differ again based on what exactly that product or service is. For the purpose of our discussion today, though, we will refer to products and services both as the product.

Why the Product Life Cycle Matters to You

Understanding product life cycle stages is important to the growth of your business because it should be influencing your marketing strategy. It’s kind of the bread and butter of how to outline when and how you should be marketing your product.

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3 Scheduling Mistakes at Your Massage Therapy Practice

Scheduling Mistakes for Massage Therapy
Scheduling Mistakes that can be Avoided

Scheduling at your massage therapy practice has a lot more to it than just having an old appointment book or the convenience of an online booking platform. Three major scheduling mistakes that are often made include:

  1. A lack of communication with employees
  2. An appointment schedule that’s kept behind closed doors
  3. Under-staffing your business

These scheduling mistakes can be resolved easily with just a little bit of intention and effort on your part.

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How to Optimize Your Contact Page

optimize your contact page

You’re using online appointment software because you want convenience for you and your clients.  You can see the marketing edge it gives you when paired with social media and know that no-show frequency will dwindle to none with the appointment reminders sent out by Georgie Scheduler.

But does your contact page simply have a book now button? Or maybe that and your address and email?

If that’s pretty much it for your contact and appointments web page then you’re seriously missing out on a prime opportunity to increase organic traffic to your business!

Don’t know how? Try these 5 simple ways to optimize your contact page for search and watch your organic traffic grow! Do it right and that traffic will turn to leads and then turn into customers!

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What is Customer Engagement in Your Business?

customer engagement online booking

Determining What Customer Engagement Looks Like to You:

You may be aware of the greatest risks that lead to a decline in your customer retention. One of the risks that should be on your radar is a lack of customer engagement. We talked a little bit about what engagement is in our blog here and defined it as a customer realizing value from using your product or service.

In this article, we want to go into a little bit about what that customer engagement actually looks like in action.

Use of Service

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