Your Payment Platform Comparison

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How to Write A Massage Therapy Business Plan

Business Plan
The Purpose of Your Business Plan

The purpose of your business plan is to outline your goals and objectives in as much detail as humanly possible. Then, to evaluate those objectives for what’s achievable and establish actionable steps you will take to achieve those goals.

Where Your Business Plan Goes Beyond Your Computer Screen

Business plans are typically for either internal use or to be shown to a banker or investor when attempting to secure finances. In either case, you really do want to provide thorough information, however, when developing it for investment, than you must keep your audience in mind.

For example, as a massage therapist, a banker is not likely to know specific industry jargon. And when asking for money, you need your audience to understand exactly how that money will be spent.

Whereas when you are using your business plan for internal use, you can expect yourself – and any partners – to understand jargon. You might also not focus your business plan so heavily on finances.

Now, of course money matters. But for a successful business it can’t be the only thing you are looking at. Other areas your business plan might focus on may be customer experience and satisfaction or even influences of your personal life.

Ultimately, the angle in which you create your business plan is dependent on who you intend on using it.

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For the Busy Entrepreneur Stressing to Get Work Done

entrepreneur stress release

If you run your own business you’ve got round the clock tasks, goals, benchmarks, communications, and the list could go on. You’ve got round the clock responsibilities.

Chances are pretty dang high that this busy entrepreneur life equals stress, even for that “totally chill” person.

So today we thought we’d talk about a brain trick that helps you calm entrepreneur stress and accomplish more.

The To-Do List

A to do list is a perfect trick to get your brain to stop worrying about the tasks you have waiting to be accomplished. Writing what you need to do down makes your brain think you’ve got it done.

Now, of course, if you never actually do the task, you’ll end up stressed out again. However, writing a to do list will take that overwhelmed edge off well enough for you to get organized, prioritize, and get work done.

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Create a Growth Mindset Culture for Business Success

growth mindset

It’s been pretty well accepted that there are two main beliefs or mindsets about our intelligence and skills. We either believer our talents are either with us from the womb – born to play the piano, to sing, to play baseball, etc. Or we believe that our talents, our skills, can be developed through hard work and endurance.

The first is what we call a fixed mindset and the second is a growth mindset.

I’ll give you two guesses which one is the mindset that leads to success!

If you’re stuck in the fixed mindset, or your staff is, then you’ll likely give up when the going gets hard. And sweetheart, you’re a small business owner. It’s not always going to be cake and unicorn parties.

So, let’s take a look at ways you can infuse yourself and your work culture with the growth mindset and lead your business to success.

8 Ways to Develop the Growth Mindset

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5 Ways to Foster Intrinsic Motivation in the Workplace

In our last blog we talked about where to start when you want to motivate your employees, stating that  motivating your employees had to start with more than a quick list of easy things you can implement today. In order to foster intrinsic motivation, you have to do more than just follow a list.

I want to stress again.

Motivation tactics can’t just come from a list of ideas in a blog.  It’s important you try to understand the theories behind motivation and why each tactic is being suggested. This is important because what works will vary depending on your specific situation.

Ultimately, however, no matter what else is going on, intrinsic motivation is key to success in the work place.

Meet Andy Bernard


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Start With These Two Tips to Better Motivate Employees

motivate employees to not be a bored monkey

If you’re a small business owner then you want and need your employees to bring it every single day. But, burn out happens. And a lack of motivation can turn a top employee to the guy cutting every corner. Which sucks for you and sucks for them. When it comes down to it, you want to motivate employees. You just don’t really know where to start.

Motivated or unmotivated employees can be the make or break of your business success.

Sometimes business owners feel helpless when it comes to how to motivate employees. They think it’s something that’s just supposed to be innately within them regardless of what they’re doing.

Sure, you want to hire employees with drive.

However, in the workplace, the culture can heavily impact whether or not your employees will be motivated or not, regardless of each individual’s personality and personal drives.

So the FIRST TIP I’m actually going to give you that’s not typical for the list is to examine the culture of your business.

  • What do you’re employee’s expect from their overhead, their peers?
  • Do they speak up when there’s an issue? Or when they know how to fix it?
  • Do they own up to their mistakes? What happens when they do?
  • What are the unwritten policies?

Motivating employees starts with know where their lack of motivation is coming from or even just seeing where their lack of motivation is showing up.

In other words, when motivating your employees it starts with you.

It’s not just a them problem.

motivate employees in you office culture

If you hired all new employees without changing anything about how you run thing, you’ll probably be running into the same issue with unmotivated employees.

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Customer Loyalty Program | What & Why

Customer Loyalty Program
First, What’s Customer Loyalty?

Customer loyalty is a customer who chooses to repeatedly buy from the same brand. Typically, it’s  because they trust the brand enough that they don’t look elsewhere, even for a better price.

Why is Customer Loyalty important?

Customer loyalty is essential. If you have customer loyalty that means you’re retaining customers and customer retention is the make it or break it of success.

Depending on your exact industry, it costs 5 to 25% more to acquire new customers than it does to maintain existing customers. Even at 5% you’re working harder than you need to in order to see growth in your business.

Sure you have to bring in new customers to have existing customers, but you NEVER want to only make it ideal for a customer to be new.

Why on earth would a customer stay with you when the only time they felt you valued them was when you were wooing them in the first place? There is too much for you to gain for you to only exist in the chase.

Returning customers spend a whole 67% more than new customers. That’s more than half.

Essentially, you cannot afford to not gain customer loyalty.

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How Digital Payments Save You Time and Money

person holding gray and beige roman numeral alarm clock

Did you know that businesses spend three times as many hours processing non-digital payments as they do handling digital payments?

And the typical costs of processing digital payments – from direct expenses to labor costs -is a whole 57% less than non-digital payments.

Visa’s recent study Digital Transformations of SMBs: The future of Commerce, landed heavily on the side of accepting digital payments will save you TIME and MONEY.

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