How to Cope with Workplace Anxiety

Workplace anxiety

Anxiety is no joke.

If you suffer from anxiety – no matter what your triggers are – when you come across a title that suggests a way to cure your anxiety or get rid of it, you’re likely to jump at the chance to find the magical fix to that heavy feeling that weighs on your chest and the inability to breathe when it just becomes too much. It’s why, while I want people to read this, I didn’t want to bait you in with something that wasn’t true, and used the word cope.

The number one thing that you, the people around you -your managers, your friends and family-need to understand is that there isn’t a cure. There isn’t a quick fix. And anxiety can have such deep roots that you may not even know why you’re triggered.

The Cure to Anxiety is a Myth
workplace anxiety

So no. I don’t have a list of things to cure your workplace anxiety. Anyone that promises that isn’t really being honest. Or, perhaps, has little understanding of how anxiety works. I do however have coping tools that may just be exactly what you need. The combination of tools come from a mix of research and practice.

There are ways to cope with anxiety and deny it control over what you can and cannot do.

It’s important that if you have any sort of ambition for your life and your career, that you practice and develop these strategies to overcome workplace anxiety. Even you don’t have an anxiety disorder, these same strategies can help elevate workplace stress.

Workplace Anxiety

It may seem odd to be an adult in a career and realize you don’t have the tools to manage the stress of what that all actually means. Sometimes you think you’ve got the stress handled, and it’s just a time management issue.

Just know you’re not alone. According to the American Institute of Stress,“80% of workers feel stress on the job, [and] nearly half say they need help in learning how to manage stress”. If you don’t believe in statistics just think about the fact that an American Institute of Stress exists in the first place.

4 Tools to Manage Workplace Anxiety and Stress in the Workplace
1. Work with a Therapist.

If you are struggling. If your day to day is being pulled to a halt by stress, by fear, by anxiety. Go. Get. Help. By working with a therapist you will get more tools and a better understanding of the root of your triggers. Therapy is awesome.

2. Keep a Journal.

For a lot of people a journal can help you sort through whats getting jumbled and overwhelming in your head. It helps to get it all out on paper and this can lead to being able to get a better perspective one what’s reality and what you’re reacting to disproportionately.

3. Label it.

This is something I learned when I first started researching anxiety and anxiety disorders. By giving the overwhelming stress a name, it gives you the power to separate yourself from the feelings. This can be particularly helpful in workplace anxiety because it can quickly help you remain calm in your professional environment.

4. Meditate on What You’re Grateful For.

Gratitude lists to combat negativity is not a unique idea. Rachel Hollis, the author of all those Girl books and business coach, has built an entire system out of it. A lot of people use gratitude to combat stress in the workplace and anxiety because it really works.

Again, it’s another mental shift. Instead of focusing on all the responsibilities, social fears, and doomsday deadlines, you’re going to be focusing on everything that’s going right. This helps establish that the world does not end with the things that overwhelm you.

Workplace Anxiety

When your anxiety enters your workplace it can have a detrimental effect on your workplace relationships and success. Those who are more prone to anxiety tend to have triggers at work because it involves a lot of different pressures. By practicing simple coping mechanisms you can prevent your anxiety from taking over your life.

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