The Secret to Generation Z Marketing

When looking at your strategies for Generation Z marketing, there is one thing, above all, you need to understand.

Generation Z approaches everything from a social perspective.

This means that your business and your brand can’t just be a store or service they get stuff from. Essentially, you need to think of your brand as being a person with whom your customers will become friends with and look up to.

Your Generation Z customers will be loyal customers when they can trust you to be a trendsetter, can engage in a brand community that ‘get’s them’ and get the guidance and advice that won’t stir them wrong in life.

Basically, you’re Generation Z’s big brother. The brands that are successful at Generation Z marketing are the big brother that their younger siblings all aspire to be, versus the one they think is so totally lame.

3 Ways to Get Generation Z Marketing Right

Link Up with Influencers Connected to your Industry

Meet Brianna Fox. She is an influencer in the Beauty world. She hosts a Youtube channel in which she posts make up tutorials and beauty product reviews.

Her channel has over five hundred and sixty THOUSAND subscribers and has received almost thirty five MILLION views.

The video shared above was posted four days ago and in those 4 days it reached nearly twenty five thousand views. What’s the video about? The products she’s excited about that she bought from Sephora.

Big name brands constantly work with her, sending her products for her to review. Why? She has a huge audience that trusts her opinion and her audience is their target customer.

So if you want to market to Generation Z customers who’re looking for guidance in pretty much all areas of life, linking about with an already trusted influencer is always a good idea.

Just make sure their brand meshes with yours!

Be Real and Do

Generation Z are probably one of the most politically and socially conscious generations as a group. Particularly at younger ages than previous generations.

This, along with their social focus and expectations to access the world online means that they expect your business to be honest, have everything out in the open, and have moral values that you actually act on.


Is your mission to help EVERY family capture the moments that matter? You’ll probably want to consider donating some time and prints to families in need. Perhaps link up with a local children’s hospital or NICU center offering free family sessions.

Dog Groomers.

Is your mission to care for animals by providing them with the grooming they need to stay healthy and active? Donate your services with local rescues to groom animals that come in and need you more than ever.

Generation Z Marketing for Dog Groomers

Then, of course, share it on the social platforms that Generation Z hangs out on. Not as a “oo look at me”, but more to socially share that you’re putting action where your mouth is and as an open invitation for your customers to do the same.

Get the idea? Just spread the good and be real about it.

Remember Who You’re Talking Too

As you invest in Generation Z marketing efforts, always keep in mind that Generation Z never knew the world without the internet. They expect to be able to interact and engage with your business online.

Focusing on the user experience is going to be critical to your success as a small business owner.

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