Is Social Media Marketing Leading Toward Self Destruction?

User Trends from 2018 to 2019

Some say it’s not a question of if Social Media is disappearing, but more that it’s transforming. What ends up mattering most is if this transformation is good or bad.

Even just looking at the chart above from Global Web Index‘s social media and consumer study, high percentages of online users are still members, showing up, on social media. Social media is still being used across all generations. However, it seems that what it’s being used for, isn’t what we’re used to as business owners.

Time is Money

What’s the average age of your customer? Based on this chart, you can see that younger markets have their target customers on social media the most.

Shocking right?

However, even having online users spending a little over an hour a day on social media tell us that social media hasn’t sung it’s swan song just yet.

Your customers are online and they are on social media. If you’re using social media as a marketing channel, then you need to pay careful attention to which social media platforms are being used by your target customer.

Generational differences should be part of your target customer profile. Whether your consumer is Generation Z or a Baby Boomer, it’s something to consider, especially in social media marketing.

It doesn’t mean that all your ideal customers are on one social media channel, but you’ll find trends that can help focus your efforts.

Is Social Commerce still Working?

Neil Patel is forecasting that social media is on it’s way out for organic marketing. However, social media is still proving a useful vehicle for commerce.

So, please listen to Neil Patel’s warning as you invest in your marketing strategies, but don’t ditch the Social market just yet. Instead invest in finding new ways and new platforms to explore and engage your customer base.

Another Warning: Users Say they Actively are Trying to Avoid Social Media.

One of the big issues that social media marketers are facing is that many users are beginning to see social media as problematic. Which, as you develop your online marketing strategy, this is problematic for you.

Part of the problem actually has to do with business owners like yourself utilizing social media’s advertising advantages. 20% of user’s that reportedly deactivated social media accounts did so because they found the advertised material obnoxious.

SOoooo….do I ditch social media?

What this means for you is that your content on social media needs to be socially driven.

Make’s sense right?

Social media was created to connect friends and family all over the world. Keep your content social, conversational, and real. You’re more likely to find success in reaching your target customer if you keep the social in social media marketing.

Areas in Social Media that are Seeing Growth

Maybe there’s debate on whether or not social media is fading out. But, we know for a fact that social media and social media marketing is transforming.

For businesses it’s not just about getting shares and comments and even clicks. It’s now a place where consumer’s leave reviews, research products and businesses, and follow brands.

If you’re on the fence, try thinking of social media platforms as a form of customer service.

How can you connect with your customers and help them through your social media accounts?

If the answer is that you can’t…then maybe social media platforms aren’t for you.

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