The Secret to Marketing to the Baby Boomer Generation Online

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There’s this idea that floats around about who makes up the consumer. When it comes to age, the cut off is somewhere around 45. When targeting customers it makes sense to identify the average consumer in order to organize your marketing the efforts.

You don’t want to waste time marketing outside of your target customer. I get it.

But did you know that baby boomers make up 75 plus million people in the United States? And those 75 million people control 70% of the disposable income in the country.

It’s a pretty large group of people and a lot of money to be leaving out of your conversation.

Let’s debunk the baby boomer myth that might be holding you back from reaching a valuable consumer.

The Baby Boomer Myth You Should Drop

Are you holding onto the idea that older generations don’t know how to use technology? And therefore can only be reached by “old” methods, aka print?

The DMN3 Institute ran a study surveying 1,000 baby boomers and found that over 35% are online over 19 hours a week. And what are they doing online? They are using search engines, their email, and shopping online for products and services.

So, the idea that in order to reach baby boomers you need to use old methods is both inaccurate and quite frankly, a little ageist.

Don’t Hold Back Online Features When Your Target Consumer is a Baby Boomer

77.5% of Baby Boomers use search engines to get to your business’s website. They’re already on the computer, using that gosh dang technology, looking for what you have to offer.

Every consumer wants a simple and easy to use website. There’s no baby boomer’ing it down necessary. The idea is to make it easy for your customer, 18 or 70, to make their way down your sales funnel.

That means utilizing the tools available to make online usage simple.

You run a service oriented business, then you should use an online scheduling software. You sell your services online? You need an online payment processor.

Baby boomer doesn’t equal snail mail and paying in change. Convenience and ease are a part of every consumers purchasing decisions.

Thus, as you market to baby boomers, know that using online software to make their sales journey easier is part of the game.

How to Reach the Baby Boomer Online

We know baby boomers are online and that they utilize search extensively for finding out more about businesses and shopping.

In the online market, search is the most used. So priority one is going to be focusing your effort on ranking in search. This means optimizing your websites content, from your landing page to your contact page to your business blog. Fresh, useful content, that provides value to your customer as well as a great source for search engine optimization.

This should be your number one focus, however don’t leave out email as it’s a number two activity for Baby Boomers online. Sure, they’re on social media, but your efforts are better spent elsewhere. Contrary to some of the younger generations, shopping is just not what baby boomers use social media for.

So, the secret to marketing to the Baby Boomer online?
Don’t pretend they can’t be reached.

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