5 Ways to BUILD your clientele for your business

Number One: Focus on customer loyalty

Referrals and word of mouth is the strongest marketing you’ll ever get. People will trust their friends’ experiences and recommendations before they listen to anything they read online. Thus, one of the best ways to get more customers is to treat your current customers right. This happens with excellent customer service, a product worth having, and even customer loyalty programs!

Number Two: Connect to other businesses in your industry

build your clientele

Networking with other businesses in your vertical is another great way to build your clientele. For example, if you’re a hair stylist you’ll want to connect with nail salons, beauty shops, etc. and become the stylist that they refer their customer’s too. The same goes for wedding photographers. Think about other business that work in the same vein as you do and connect. So, in this case it would be florists, cake shops, wedding planners, etc.

Get the idea? Like being referred to by a friend, when businesses that customers already trust are referring you, they’re more likely to want to work with your without you having to do back flips to get their attention.

Number Three: Meet your customers where they spend their time

If you’re ideal customer is on Facebook, you’re business should be on Facebook. If you’re ideal customer is hanging out at the local coffee shop, find a way for your business to be in that local coffee shop. The idea here, really, is simply not to waste your marketing efforts on channels that your clients won’t be spending their time. So think about who you want your clientele to be and then where you can get your business in front of them.

Number Four: Widen the beginning of your sales funnel

There are a lot of different ways to introduce potential clients to your business in order to build your clientele. At the beginning of your sales funnel you want to offer value with little investment on their part. As they begin to recognize your services as being worth their time and money, they will confidently invest more and more in what you have to offer.

Depending on your exact business, it can be worth it to offer a free trial option. For example, a personal trainer might offer one free one hour session. The key, however, isn’t to make this one hour session all talk about their goals and offering them everything under the moon that will cost them an arm an a leg. Instead, have them fill out a survey before coming, and run a true fitness session based on that survey. Once they commit to hiring you, then break down into the nitty gritty.

Offer true value, not just an hour long sales pitch.

Number Five: Establish authority in your industry to build your clientele

Make yourself a trusted, knowledgeable expert in your field. Write for industry magazines, create and run your own blog, guest write for other well known blogs in your industry, give guest lectures at industry events…the list goes on. In order to build your clientele with quality clients, market yourself as someone who knows what the heck they are talking about. Customers flock to people that they believe are experts in the industry.

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