If Your Business Strategy Doesn’t Work…Change it.

Your Business Strategy Doesn't Work

You’ve made a plan. You’re excited and doing everything right. You’re consistent and you’re taking the advice from experts in the field. But then month after month your business strategy doesn’t work and eventually, you give up.

This is a super COMMON problem for entrepreneurs. And it happens when young entrepreneurs copy and paste what is supposed to work into their business strategy and then don’t adjust it far enough when it’s not working.

Why would you keep doing a business strategy that doesn’t work?

Reason One: You lack confidence.

A lot of entrepreneurs enter into the world of owning their own business feeling like they have no idea what they are doing. This isn’t always a bad thing. The beginner mindset puts you in a great place to grow. However, it becomes a problem when it causes you to be to afraid to do anything outside the box that you’ve built from other people’s ideas of what works and what doesn’t.

Reason Two: Stubborn pride.

You’ve made a genius and sound business strategy. You’re excellent at what you do. Then, since it should work, even when your business strategy doesn’t work, you’re digging your heels in. YES – everything takes time. But check yourself. Are you unwilling to change direction because you see it as an admitting that you were wrong this time?

Reason Three: You literally don’t know what to do.

Next, maybe you don’t lack confidence and you’re not bad at taking criticism. Maybe you really are unsure of what to do. This is probably the easiest problem to fix.

Quit Your Business Strategy Not your business

I can tell you right now giving up on your business isn’t the answer. Especially not the first answer. You will NEVER find entrepreneurial success if you’re not willing to be in the positing to have to learn.

Instead of giving up, give in.

Fix One: Blow up the box.

You’re already struggling, so what will it really hurt if you don’t do all the things you’re supposed to do? Listen to your gut and try that. This is your business. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, but it’s still a new wheel.

Fix Two: Get over yourself.

If you can’t be in a learners mindset and take correction, you shouldn’t be starting your own business. It won’t matter if you’ve got the best online tools or an awesome product. Successful entrepreneurs are humble. Really, it’s part of the job description.

Fix Three: Ask for help.

Entrepreneurs tend to run in flocks. If you don’t have an entrepreneur network, that’s the first thing you need to work on getting. Then, ask for help. Get ideas that you can try or ones that will spark your own ideas. In the meantime, follow entrepreneur podcasts, read articles, and educate yourself.

Business Strategies that Work

Whatever problems you’re facing in your management or marketing, keep in mind that the business strategies that work are the ones that think about the customer as a whole.

Focus on the customer experience and you’ll find the methods and results you need.

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