The Mobile Dog Groomer Start Up Plan

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Are You Ready to Start Your Business?

You’ve decided the time to finally start your own business is now. You’re excited. You’ve perhaps been working in at a dog groomers shop for awhile now and you know you’ve got the talent.

But are you ready?

Traits of a mobile dog groomer

First off, even people who love dogs aren’t going always to make for the best mobile dog groomer. So, really evaluate if this is the right business for your.

A mobile Dog grooming business is best for:

  • Someone who understands dog behavior and how it might change by breed.
  • Naturally calm.
  • Not squeamish. A very anxious dog is known to through up or have diarrhea when being groomed.
  • Okay with being alone -aside from the dog- most of the day.
  • A confident driver
  • Good at meeting deadlines. You go to your appointments, so planning ahead to make sure you’re not late is important.
  • Able to afford the equipment and business software.
  • Physically capable of handling and moving around dogs of varying sizes
  • Skilled at dog grooming.

If you know this is the business that’s truly right for you, then it’s time to get started!

First, You need to identify the typical costs to run your new business

Like any business, mobile dog grooming comes with it’s own costs to not only get started, but to keep it running.

Costs you can expect:
  • Business licences
  • Professional certifications (not required in every state, but it will help either way)
  • A fully outfitted mobile grooming station (aka your van or trailer)
    • Power generator
    • Water heater
    • Water tank
    • Waste containers (both solid and liquid)
    • Proper lighting
    • Washing space
    • Table (with lift is preferable)
    • Proper ventilation and flooring
    • Sink
    • Dryer
    • Clippers & Clipper Blades
    • Shears
    • Brushes & Combs
    • Shampoo & Conditioners
  • Scheduling Software for easy appointment making and payment
  • An accounting program
  • Marketing Costs ( Such as paid automation tools, photography, social media ads, hiring a content writer, costs of a website, etc)

The upfront costs for starting a mobile dog grooming business can run anywhere between $10,000 to $100,000 depending on your needs, goals, and what you already have. Moving forward, you’ll mostly be concerned with the upkeep of all of your tools, the cost of gas, and keeping your business licence up to date.

Then, identify your market.

Once you’ve established what you need, how much it will cost, and how you might cover those costs, the next step is to ensure you have a market.

Establishing who your ideal customer is is a major step in your business planning. After all, you can have all the equipment and skill in the world, but if there’s no market for mobile dog grooming where you plan to offer services, you’re setting yourself up for failure.

Read about how to identify your ideal customer here!

Next, make it legal.

Now that you know you costs and know your market, it’s time to start moving your business forward.

The first step you want to take here is to acquire your business licence and register your mobile dog groomer business for taxes. Then, get insurance to cover your business.

These three steps are HUGE and often skipped over or treated like it can come later. Trust me, this is where you want to start. Don’t go buy your fully outfitted grooming van without setting these up first.

Fourth, define your strategy.

Again, this is something you want to do before your rolling out the dough on all your fancy new equipment. Make a marketing plan.


  • What marketing channels you’ll use (online and offline)
  • What marketing and development you’ll contract out. Will you hire an online marketer to run your social media accounts and business blog or are your going to do that yourself? Do you know how? How will you learn?
  • You’re Brand

As you develop your strategy, be sure to look at the article linked below on how to build your clientele. It should help you figure out where to start!

5 Ways to BUILD your Clientele for your Business

Finally, follow through.

Now…go after it! You got this! The mobile dog groomer industry won’t know what hit them.

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