Training Employees for the Success of Their Careers and Your Business.

You’ve interviewed your top applicants and hired new employees that you’re really excited about. Now What?

Now you make their success your priority. 

Select International wrote an excellent blog post about what successful companies do in order to retain top level talent.

The five things they are suggesting are: 

  1. To create an environment that makes your employee feel like they matter, like the work they do has an impact. 
  2. Make the expectations and goal of your business crystal clear. This really helps them see their purpose!
  3. Develop the workplace to be one of open and honest communication. Your employees should be able to take feedback and so should you!
  4. Provide opportunities for growth. 
  5. Give recognition to hard work. 

While I agree that every single one of these points are important to the success of your employees and therefore your business, I really want to focus on one point in particular. 

Provide opportunities for growth. 

Training employees is going to be one of the most essential things that you do as a business owner that wants her excellent employees to remain excellent. Missing this piece is one of the fastest way to turn a talented worker into a burnt out, ready to move on, worker. 

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Pushing Past Surface-Level Interview Questions When Staffing Your Business

What are you looking for when you post a job opening?

It may seem like a silly question with a simple answer. You want someone who can do the job excellently.

But here’s the thing. How do you know they will be excellent? And really, what does excellent mean to you?

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Top 5 Entrepreneur Podcasts From 2019

Fuel Your Entrepreneur Mindset With Learning that Inspires

Podcasts are great. Like really. They’re awesome. There are so many different kinds of podcasts and not all podcasts are made equal. But if you’re not explore the VALUABLE insight that you can find by listening to EXPERTS and SUCCESSFUL business owners and entrepreneurs just talk, you need to start now. Entrepreneur podcasts will make a difference for you. Promise.

Really, that’s the best part of podcasts as an entrepreneur. You can subscribe to podcasts by big names in your industry and essentially be mentored and learn though their advice and experiences.

entrepreneur podcasts

This is especially important if you don’t yet have a large network of entrepreneurs and business owners that you can easily talk to and share ideas.

(Which is a whole other thing – build your entrepreneur network!!)

2018 gave us some really great podcasts. Some are new, some have been around, but all can make an impact for you and your business.

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A Year in Review: Marketing and Consumer Trends of 2018

consumer trends in 2018 say price isn't so important

Every year we see marketing and consumer trends evolve. It makes sense seeing as each year we see technology adapt, needs shift, and new consumers entering the marketplace. As consumer needs, wants, and expectations change, our marketing should be responding.

Thus, as we enter 2019, we should have an eye on what shifted in 2018. Both so that we can adapt business and marketing strategies to those changes, and in order to look to the future that 2019 will bring.

Consumer Trends of 2018

One major shift that 2018 brought us is the priority of price in purchasing decision.

With Amazon and Walmart still taking the lead, consumers have come to expect discounts year round. However, price as a purchasing factor dropped 12.8% in 2018.


Consumers are caring more and more about a whole picture experience with brands than they are about the bottom dollar. This isn’t to say that you don’t need to worry about being competitive in your pricing. However, you can counter a deep discount with a holistic and personalized experience.

85% of consumers are still price checking against competitors, however this isn’t the end all to who they will purchase from.

Consumers care about:
  • Transparency. Including peer reviews that are easy to find can go a long way in converting a lead into sale. Also, being very clear about what customers can expect in terms of final costs, shipping times, return policies, and customer service access make a big difference.
  • Consumers don’t want to have to hunt for this information. Be an open book and you’re more likely to beat out a lower price.
  • Personalized shopping. Shopping histories, the ability to customize shopping preferences, and loyalty programs all make consumers feel more connected to your brand. They feel more like their needs and wants are cared about and less like they have to figure out how they fit into what you offer.
  • Convenience. This isn’t just about online shopping and shipping times. Stores that offer services like curbside pick up draw consumers in. Consumers are more likely to make a purchase if they feel like it’s easy.
  • Community. This one is especially important to Millennial and younger generations. Brands that are known for community outreach and service are able to beat out those that offer lower prices because consumers feel good about where their money will go.

Consumer trends toward community

For example, in 2018 we saw a rise in subscription boxes. With most of these being seen as a way to treat yourself more budget conscious consumers

are less likely to indulge. However, Causebox breaks through this barrier by providing products that support causes people care about.

This shift in 2018 allows brands to take less hits in terms of deep discounts and hopping to make up for it in the volume of sales. Instead, businesses can build a user experience around their customers values.

Marketing Trends of 2018

The above consumer trends shift alone accounts for the biggest shift in marketing in 2018. Said to be lead by Gen Z entering the workforce and marketing world, the marketing industry is redefining brand-consumer relationships by focusing on the user experience and entertainment.

As we go into 2019 we can expect to see brands digging deeper to provide the most value in not only their products, but also the experience of their customers.

Why You Need an End of the Year Review

Know Where You’ve Been and You’ll Get Where You Are Going.

Track where you've been in your end of the year review to know where you want your next year to take you.

When you’re running a business it’s pretty important to be able to track your progress in an end of the year review. You should be tracking your budget, seeing your expenses and noting what your actual profits are. You’ll want to know how well your marketing efforts do and if you’re seeing any growth.

A look back over what you’ve done with your business over a year is a crucial step towards growing your business.


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How to Set Goals for You and Your Business

Set Goals this New Year

The idea to set goals at the start of the new year is a tradition dating back to Babylonians some 4,000 years ago.

It’s a chance to start over, to buckle down, to make a change. It’s a chance to start new.

Or at least, that’s the idea.

Unfortunately, only 64% of people stick to their new years resolutions past the first month. And, as few as, 14% of people are still sticking to and working towards their goal by the end of the year.

That’s a whole lot of people to have given up on something that’s important to them!

Here’s the thing though. It’s not always that the world is full of people that just quit. Sometimes it’s about the goal that is set. Really,there is a bit of a trick to goal setting.

When done right, a goal you set is meant to drive you forward and lead you to a better version of yourself, and in the case of the business owner, to a better version of your business.

6 Tricks to Set Goals The Right Way

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Reducing No-Shows as Easy as 1-2-3!

When you’re a service oriented business that lives on appointments, reducing no-shows is kind of a big deal. And if it’s not on your radar to build your success, then it should be now.

The good news: Reducing no-shows is pretty simple.

One: Think Like a Customer not Like a the Business Owner

woman holding white mug while standing

Your business is your daily. It’s your focus. You believe your services are essential to people’s lives and live your business day in and out.

If you approach the no show problem from that perspective you’re going to get frustrated quickly. When your business and the services and products you provide are the big focus of your daily life, it’s hard to wrap your head around why someone who made an appointment with you would simply not show up.

You might be frustrated thinking it’s rude. Or may get into a panic of “why don’t they like me!!!!”But you need to just step back and think like your customer.

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Who Uses Appointment Scheduling Software?

Real Estate Agents needs Appointment Scheduling Software

The answer to this question is somewhat simple. Appointment Scheduling Software is used by individuals or businesses that provide services on an appointment basis.

However, online scheduling software can better assist some industries over others, while also offering unique opportunities to industries that don’t always consider it an asset.

Some of the main industries and persons that use online appointment software include:

  • Massage Therapists
  • Medical Offices
  • Real Estate
  • Loan Officers
  • Hair Salons
  • Beauticians
  • Wedding Dress Boutiques
Massage Therapists

Our main market of users for Georgie Scheduler has been Massage Therapists. This isn’t because they are the only industry that can use Georgie Scheduler, but it does seem to be a perfect scheduling platform for their needs.

The two main uses of Georgie Scheduler for massage therapists is it’s simple to use appointment scheduling, including reminder texts and emails to clients, AND the secure SOAP notes that allows you to keep your client notes private and secure.

Medical Offices

Like massage therapists, other medical offices should be using online appointment scheduling software to handle their high volume of scheduled appointments.

Old systems of a paper calendar and only taking appointments in person and via phone just doesn’t work anymore. You’ll need a staff of five to simple manage the appointments! By using appointment booking software, you’re able to take those appointments without as many dedicated staff working the phones.

Real Estate

This is an industry that doesn’t always utilize online appointment software but should. It’s a great marketing tool that will allow them to give potential clients a direct action to make that is way more likely to turn into profit than a simple, “send me an email”.

Making an appointment to get started on the buying and selling property process is way more likely to get those clients in front of you and ready work with you over anyone else.

Loan Officers

Loan officers tend to go with old fashion tactics for making appointments with their clients.

However, using an online booking platform may be a good option to simplify the process. Whether it’s to meet to start the pre-approval process or submit applications, making it easier for your clients to meet with you is always a good idea.

Hair Salons and Beauticians

A simple way to book a hair appointment can easily become the difference between keeping a client or not. The key is to keep it simple and organized. If you make it too complicated, clients will move on. Then, while it might seem easiest to do it through a text or Facebook message, it’s also easy to lose information or have a miscommunication.

This is one industry, that it really just makes more sense to use an intuitive online scheduling platform.

Wedding Dress Boutiques

While not all consumer shops require appointments, specialty boutiques should make use of appointment software and open up to scheduled shopping appointments. This is a great marketing tool for shop owners and allows you to offer a higher level of customer service.

Do you use online appointment software? 

Your Payment Platform Comparison

Finding a simple payment platform can be hard to figure out. Typically, it can be more efficient if you’re using a payment platform that pairs with another service you need. Such as, appointment scheduling or accounting software. But you’ll still want to watch to make sure you understand what costs what.   Continue reading “Your Payment Platform Comparison”

How to Write A Massage Therapy Business Plan

Business Plan
The Purpose of Your Business Plan

The purpose of your business plan is to outline your goals and objectives in as much detail as humanly possible. Then, to evaluate those objectives for what’s achievable and establish actionable steps you will take to achieve those goals.

Where Your Business Plan Goes Beyond Your Computer Screen

Business plans are typically for either internal use or to be shown to a banker or investor when attempting to secure finances. In either case, you really do want to provide thorough information, however, when developing it for investment, than you must keep your audience in mind.

For example, as a massage therapist, a banker is not likely to know specific industry jargon. And when asking for money, you need your audience to understand exactly how that money will be spent.

Whereas when you are using your business plan for internal use, you can expect yourself – and any partners – to understand jargon. You might also not focus your business plan so heavily on finances.

Now, of course money matters. But for a successful business it can’t be the only thing you are looking at. Other areas your business plan might focus on may be customer experience and satisfaction or even influences of your personal life.

Ultimately, the angle in which you create your business plan is dependent on who you intend on using it.

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