Do You Really Need Online Scheduling Software?

Yes! You Need Online Scheduling Software

Any client focused business that wishes to progress should really look into using an online appointment system. There are so many benefits to using a scheduling tool, that it doesn’t really make any sense to not use one.

However, there are some reasons as to why your business may absolutely NEED an online booking system, versus it just being a good idea. Below we go over four main reasons your business may be suffering for need of a better way for clients to make appointments.

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5 Misconceptions of Online Appointment Scheduling Software

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If you are looking into using an online scheduling software, you probably already know that using one will improve your time management as well as provide you with a host of other benefits. However, there are some misconceptions surrounding online software that may be causing you some concern.

Let’s dispel these misconceptions, so that you can move forward in your business with one of the best online scheduling system’s available.

Misconception One: Loss of Privacy for Customers

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Causes of Procrastination in the Work Place

Procrastination is the silent but deadly killer of productivity in the work place. Chances are you procrastinate something every day. The problem with procrastination is that it can grow to overwhelming heights and kill your business’s growth.Image result for procrastination

You want your business to do well, so honestly ask yourself, “am I a procrastinator? Am I or my business slowly becoming another word for procrastination?”

If the answer is yes, which it probably is since you are reading this blog, the first step to recovery is identifying the problem.  So, let’s look at four key causes of procrastination in the work place so that you might start to repair them at the root. Continue reading “Causes of Procrastination in the Work Place”

How to Boost Sales with an Online Scheduling Software

How Your Online Scheduler Can Boost Sales

Boost Sales with Inexpensive Strategies

Sometimes people are surprised to hear that an online scheduling software can actually boost sales. They think that when it’s being used, it’s because the sale is already made. However, your online scheduling system actually acts as a very effective closer. It provides opportunities that a traditional appointment book simply can’t bring to the table. By taking advantage of all that your online appointment software offers, you will without a doubt see a boost in sales.

How to Boost Sales with an Online Scheduling Software

1) You can offer incentives.

This is a really easy one. You can offer special discounts and rewards for clients that use your online system. How might this boost sales? Besides helping to generate the FOMO (fear of missing out) effect, you can also close typical gaps in your schedule by rewarding customers who book during those times.

For example, if you never seem to have anyone book on Wednesday from noon to 3pm, then you might offer a special discount during those time slots. You may be wary of offering discounts, especially if your trying to build up your business, however if no one is booking during those times you are losing money.

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4 Big Ways to Better Your Time management

Entrepreneurship is a wonderful and worthy life goal. However, as most business owners would agree, it can sometimes be difficult to balance your time between what can be dubbed busy work, truly moving your business forward, and having a life outside of your work.

Since we live in a digital age with communication and information literally at our fingertips at nearly every moment of the day, it’s no wonder you can feel like you’re being productive when your time is actually being eaten away by distractions and less than success building tasks.

Build a Better Business Through Effective Time Management

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5 Benefits of Using Online Scheduling Software

If you’re not using an online scheduling system with your business, small or large, then you’re essentially leaving money on the floor. The goal for Georgie Scheduler is to provide businesses with an easy to use appointment software. Businesses are operating in a digital, instant satisfaction, and social driven world. Forgoing the traditional methods of appointment and payment options, truly can lead to some amazing and immediate benefits.

5 Benefits of Using an Online Scheduling Software

1) Increase in Productivity

Chances are, each of your employees wear multiple hats of responsibility.  With an online scheduling software, you can eliminate the need to occupy the time of your employees with endless phone calls scheduling, rescheduling, and canceling appointments. By alleviating your employee’s from this seemingly simple, and yet time consuming task, you open them up to do more productive tasks to move your business forward.

2) Elimination of Appointment No-Shows

One of the great features of our online scheduling software is the reminders feature. Your clients book their own appointments based on their needs and then will receive reminders of their appointments via text message or email.  This feature decreases the chance of a now show appointment dramatically. This means an easy to predict day AND more money in your pocket.

3) Save Money, Make Money

If your using a more traditional appointment book, your expenses for it will easily range anywhere from $400 to $1000. Let’s say that again. Your traditional appointment book is costing your anywhere from $400 to $1000 dollars. That is insane! These expenses include:

  • Small things like the physical notebook
  • Paying employees for their time managing your appointments
  • Your own time wasted managing your appointment book
  • Money lost from no show appointments
  • Money lost from easily preventable mistake

Now think about this: Most online scheduling software ranges from free to $350. Our appointment software is currently free with the option to include payment services  (providing you with even more benefits) at a low cost.

4) Boost in Customer Service Satisfaction

Using an online scheduling program like Georgie Scheduler tells your clients that you are looking for the best ways to serve your clients. You are trying to make their relationship with you convenient, simple, and stress free. With the services online appointment software offers, you are providing a way to make appointments that says you value the time of your clients. How? Clients are no longer offered three available time slots, but instead offered any time slots available and set by you for the foreseeable future. This allows them to truly decide what works best with their schedule. Plus, they will be receiving reminders of their appointments, ensuring that they don’t lose out on your services that they need.

Your clients shouldn’t have to jump through a million hoops in order to make an appointment with you. That is a sure way to actually turn away potential clients. Instead, by using our software, you will be gaining clients and building customer loyalty.

5) A Marketing Edge

How can using Georgie Scheduler help you market your business? Using a scheduler equals a simple and direct call to action for your customers. Socials like Facebook include a Book Now button option for business pages, linking this to your online scheduler versus a contact page means immediate and direct access for your customers to take the plunge and sign up with you. This is especially true as our online scheduler service works anytime and on any device.

Cost of Georgie Scheduler

Like we said, the online scheduling software is free. We do, however, charge for the addition of using our online payment system. We do our best to keep costs as low as possible and provide a pay as you go service. This means that if for whatever reason you’re not using the service, then you’re not paying for it. The cost of the payment service is 3.5% +30 cents of your clients payment to you. For example, if your customer pays $100, then you keep $96.20.

Simple. Easy. Low Cost.

Ready to take the plunge? Sign up with us today and we can get started in helping you move your business forward.