The Benefits of Online Booking for Photographers

Photographers typically book based entirely on their clients needs. Perhaps they have days and time frames that they suggest, but ultimately it’s up to the client. This isn’t a bad thing and it works for the industry.

However, this can leave some empty hours when you had planned on working or even create some frustration emailing back and forth with clients.

An online appointment software can alleviate some of this and giving you the tools needed to take your business to the next level.

Three Ways Online Appointment Software Help Photographers:

Fill your dead space

You can still work with your clients individually on when is best with them, but there’s nothing wrong in setting up specific time slots that you know have the best lighting and that you have available. Especially if your client load is pretty busy.

Also, you might consider setting up appointment slots for times and days that are constantly being left empty. For example, if you’re doing a family shoot in the morning at a great park for pictures and then don’t have anything else until that night at five, you might consider creating open appointments on your scheduler for an additional family shoot at the same location. By using online booking it’ll be easy to share what’s available and when, without lots of “is it still open?”.

Great for Mini Sessions

Most photographers are now offering mini sessions for holidays. This is a perfect example where an online appointment scheduler would help. You set up the place, the time slots, and open it up to your customers. Now with online booking, you don’t need to worry about back and forth on times or people asking over and over again for the same time that’s already booked. Honestly, this is probably the best area of your business to utilize an online booking platform.

Photographer Online Appointment System

A photographer in Maryland, Danie Photography, also does pop-up date night photo shoots. She set’s a location, opens up 5 or so slots, and takes couple photos. Using an online scheduling platform to make it easy for clients to see the opening and book immediately would be a great way to maximize this offering.

Marketing Tool

With each of these avenues, the number one thing that online booking can do for your business is establish some urgency. Your clients will be able to see your availability and be able to make the instant decision to book with you right then and there.

You’ll also be able to link your booking software to your social media platforms. This’ll make your “book now” more effective as they will actually be able to book…now.

Who Uses Appointment Scheduling Software?

Real Estate Agents needs Appointment Scheduling Software

The answer to this question is somewhat simple. Appointment Scheduling Software is used by individuals or businesses that provide services on an appointment basis.

However, online scheduling software can better assist some industries over others, while also offering unique opportunities to industries that don’t always consider it an asset.

Some of the main industries and persons that use online appointment software include:

  • Massage Therapists
  • Medical Offices
  • Real Estate
  • Loan Officers
  • Hair Salons
  • Beauticians
  • Wedding Dress Boutiques
Massage Therapists

Our main market of users for Georgie Scheduler has been Massage Therapists. This isn’t because they are the only industry that can use Georgie Scheduler, but it does seem to be a perfect scheduling platform for their needs.

The two main uses of Georgie Scheduler for massage therapists is it’s simple to use appointment scheduling, including reminder texts and emails to clients, AND the secure SOAP notes that allows you to keep your client notes private and secure.

Medical Offices

Like massage therapists, other medical offices should be using online appointment scheduling software to handle their high volume of scheduled appointments.

Old systems of a paper calendar and only taking appointments in person and via phone just doesn’t work anymore. You’ll need a staff of five to simple manage the appointments! By using appointment booking software, you’re able to take those appointments without as many dedicated staff working the phones.

Real Estate

This is an industry that doesn’t always utilize online appointment software but should. It’s a great marketing tool that will allow them to give potential clients a direct action to make that is way more likely to turn into profit than a simple, “send me an email”.

Making an appointment to get started on the buying and selling property process is way more likely to get those clients in front of you and ready work with you over anyone else.

Loan Officers

Loan officers tend to go with old fashion tactics for making appointments with their clients.

However, using an online booking platform may be a good option to simplify the process. Whether it’s to meet to start the pre-approval process or submit applications, making it easier for your clients to meet with you is always a good idea.

Hair Salons and Beauticians

A simple way to book a hair appointment can easily become the difference between keeping a client or not. The key is to keep it simple and organized. If you make it too complicated, clients will move on. Then, while it might seem easiest to do it through a text or Facebook message, it’s also easy to lose information or have a miscommunication.

This is one industry, that it really just makes more sense to use an intuitive online scheduling platform.

Wedding Dress Boutiques

While not all consumer shops require appointments, specialty boutiques should make use of appointment software and open up to scheduled shopping appointments. This is a great marketing tool for shop owners and allows you to offer a higher level of customer service.

Do you use online appointment software? 

3 Red Flags that You NEED Online Scheduling Software…like Yesterday

Need Online Scheduling SoftwareWhat is Online Scheduling Software

If you offer a service where you have clients that schedule with you for your time and services, then you need online scheduling software.

Call it online scheduling software, online appointment program, or online booking platform – it’s all one and the same. It’s a software that replaces your traditional appointment book and moves appointment scheduling online.

The overall goal of the different online appointment platforms may be the same, but that doesn’t mean every program is made the same!

What Makes for a Good Online Appointment System?

There are a lot of different platforms you can choose from, but the essentials you should look for are:

  • reliable appointment booking
  • control over your schedule
  • the ability to have automated reminders sent to you clients
  • secure data
  • payment software capability

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5 Automation Tools for Your Small Business

Online automation tools
Image Source

Business owners of all shapes and sizes know that time is money. As cliche as it sounds, it’s the simple truth. There are so many essential tasks in business that take up a lot of time, whether it be the process itself or the task of managing errors.

This is why automation tools that streamline business processes are a small business owners best friend. The good news is that there are tons of automation and online software programs available to you. The better news is that we’ve gathered a list of 5 business management tools known for their ease, increase in efficiency, and dependability.

Whatever your business, chances are you could really use one ore more of these online automation tools.

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5 Misconceptions of Online Appointment Scheduling Software

Image result for misconception

If you are looking into using an online scheduling software, you probably already know that using one will improve your time management as well as provide you with a host of other benefits. However, there are some misconceptions surrounding online software that may be causing you some concern.

Let’s dispel these misconceptions, so that you can move forward in your business with one of the best online scheduling system’s available.

Misconception One: Loss of Privacy for Customers

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