If Your Business Strategy Doesn’t Work…Change it.

You’ve made a plan. You’re excited and doing everything right. You’re consistent and you’re taking the advice from experts in the field. But then month after month your business strategy doesn’t work and eventually, you give up.

This is a super COMMON problem for entrepreneurs. And it happens when young entrepreneurs copy and paste what is supposed to work into their business strategy and then don’t adjust it far enough when it’s not working.

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Top 5 Entrepreneur Podcasts From 2019

Fuel Your Entrepreneur Mindset With Learning that Inspires

Podcasts are great. Like really. They’re awesome. There are so many different kinds of podcasts and not all podcasts are made equal. But if you’re not explore the VALUABLE insight that you can find by listening to EXPERTS and SUCCESSFUL business owners and entrepreneurs just talk, you need to start now. Entrepreneur podcasts will make a difference for you. Promise.

Really, that’s the best part of podcasts as an entrepreneur. You can subscribe to podcasts by big names in your industry and essentially be mentored and learn though their advice and experiences.

entrepreneur podcasts

This is especially important if you don’t yet have a large network of entrepreneurs and business owners that you can easily talk to and share ideas.

(Which is a whole other thing – build your entrepreneur network!!)

2018 gave us some really great podcasts. Some are new, some have been around, but all can make an impact for you and your business.

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Your Power Hour: Podcasts for Small Businesses

Black Recordering Microphone

You’re a small business owner, an entrepreneur, pursuing your passion.


What do you do to invest in yourself? 

You probably spend a lot of your brain power thinking about how to make your business successful, but what you need to remember is that in order to have a successful business, you need to be your best self.

This means investing in skill building, reaching out to peers, and working to establish that healthy work life balance.

There are a lot of ways to go about doing this, but let’s start with how you start your day.

The Power Hour

This isn’t a brand new idea, but it’s one that works to really set you off to a powerful start each day. Plus it’s 100% customizable to you.

What’s the power hour? 

A power hour is an hour every morning that you dedicate to yourself focusing on simple tasks that promote peace and self reflection.

You’ll spend 20 minutes doing something active, 20 minutes writing either in a journal or even creating a daily task list, and 20 minutes reading something inspiring or on in the vein of self improvement.


You’ll spend 30 minutes doing something active, 10 minutes writing in your journal, 10 minutes reading something inspiring, and 10 minutes going over your daily task list.

You get the idea.

Entrepreneur Podcasts for your Power Hour

Whether you adopt the power hour or not, as a small business owner, you should at least spend time every day reaching for inspiration to help revitalize your motivation and passion. The power hour offers structure and consistency that can really help you start out the day on the right foot.

Of all the ways you can adapt your own power hour, I’d highly recommend subscribing to and actually LISTENING to the podcasts School of Greatness  and Youprenuer. 

School of Greatness:

Host: Lewis Howes.

Small Business Podcasts
Lewis Howes Podcast: School of Greatness

The goal of this podcast i to empower and emphasize everyone’s potential for success, regardless of life experiences and background.

Subscribing to this podcast means getting inspiration from the likes of Natalie Hill and Hootsuite creator Ryan Holmes.

In Howes’s recent interview with Hill, she promoted the idea of adding on instead of taking away when you’re trying to make changes.

Then, Holmes’s recent 5 minute Friday promoted the philosophy of living  balanced life full of good hustle. Both are the kind of inspiration and mindset molding that every entrepreneur should tune in to.

And of course their are the words of wisdom from Lewis Howes himself with featured podcasts like My Mindset Hacks for a Greater Life.

Essentially, this podcast is what every small business owner needs in order to stay focused, balanced, and inspired to be their best self.


Host: Chris Ducker

Podcasts for Entrepreneurs
Chris Ducker: Youpreneur

This podcast gives concrete tips to truly help you develop your personal brand and have successful online marketing for your brand. It’s interview style, bringing in experts from all over the entrepreneur hemisphere.

Some of Ducker’s more recent podcasts include interviews with  Yaro Starak on validating your business ideas, Chistopher Lochhead on the benefits of focusing in on your niche, Ramasay Taplin on how to create a successful blog.

This “no entrepreneur left behind” podcast is perfect for any entrepreneur looking to really hone in on their personal brand and find success.

What are your favorite Small Business Podcasts that you subscribe to for inspiration and tips?