Making Appointments Online Versus Over the Phone

In the last few weeks, we’ve talked a lot about generational marketing. As a business owner, we want to pay attention to generational data to help complete our target customer’s identity. Knowing who your customer is should be the baseline of every business decision you make, including something as seemingly simple as whether or not your customers will be making appointments online or over the phone.

What Your Customer Wants
Making appointments online has many benefits

Did you know that online user’s expect your website to load within TWO SECONDS of landing on it and will often LEAVE once it hit’s three? Aside from those that shun the internet, what we expect from experience on line is highly reflective of what we expect from every process.

Your customers want easy, convenient, and hassle free. They want what works.

Now of course this blog is hosted by a business that creates online business tools for people like you, so yes, making appointments online makes sense to us. It’s the direction our society is going.

Actually, that’s not accurate. We’ve already arrived in a time where most people, young and old, expect to be able to access and do everything online.

I mean, we are a people that expect to have access to what we are interested in within two seconds and if we don’t we ditch it.

So, when looking at what your customer wants, the answer is very likely to be able to make appointments online.


And this however is in all caps and formatted as a header because it’s important. If your process or system for making appointments online isn’t intuitive and therefore doesn’t work, it’s no longer hassle free.

That’s not what your customer’s want and it ends up being bad for your brand and provides poor customer service.

So, if you’re unable to thoroughly research online appointment software and recognize what works for your specific business, then stick with the phone and physical appointment book.

Making appointments online has many benefits

Essentially if the process for making appointments online isn’t simple and fast, then it’s not going to really be better.

What Your Business Needs

Now, assuming you know how to set up and easy to use website and can recognize a good online appointment process for your customer when you see one, then you’ll likely be ditching the over the phone appointment process as your main gig.

This is GOOD for your business, not just your customer, so you should be excited.

Making appointments online has many benefits

Having your customers making appointments online lends a lot of perks for you. Especially if you’re using a software like Georgie Scheduler.

Benefits of using Georgie Scheduler’s online appointment software:
  • Seamless Google integration
  • Secure SOAP notes to keep client notes secure and easily accessed by you.
  • Convenient and controllable appointment times.
  • Excellent marketing capabilities
  • Great customer service tool
  • Links with Georgie Schedulers payment processor
  • …It’s free….

Think about the pain points you’re looking to address with an online appointment process. Are you trying to attract a new customer base? Keep up with your current one? Alleviate some spending of clerical and organizational processes?

Whatever it is, it’s worth looking at finding a way for your customers to start making appointments online instead of over the phone.

Who Uses Appointment Scheduling Software?

Real Estate Agents needs Appointment Scheduling Software

The answer to this question is somewhat simple. Appointment Scheduling Software is used by individuals or businesses that provide services on an appointment basis.

However, online scheduling software can better assist some industries over others, while also offering unique opportunities to industries that don’t always consider it an asset.

Some of the main industries and persons that use online appointment software include:

  • Massage Therapists
  • Medical Offices
  • Real Estate
  • Loan Officers
  • Hair Salons
  • Beauticians
  • Wedding Dress Boutiques
Massage Therapists

Our main market of users for Georgie Scheduler has been Massage Therapists. This isn’t because they are the only industry that can use Georgie Scheduler, but it does seem to be a perfect scheduling platform for their needs.

The two main uses of Georgie Scheduler for massage therapists is it’s simple to use appointment scheduling, including reminder texts and emails to clients, AND the secure SOAP notes that allows you to keep your client notes private and secure.

Medical Offices

Like massage therapists, other medical offices should be using online appointment scheduling software to handle their high volume of scheduled appointments.

Old systems of a paper calendar and only taking appointments in person and via phone just doesn’t work anymore. You’ll need a staff of five to simple manage the appointments! By using appointment booking software, you’re able to take those appointments without as many dedicated staff working the phones.

Real Estate

This is an industry that doesn’t always utilize online appointment software but should. It’s a great marketing tool that will allow them to give potential clients a direct action to make that is way more likely to turn into profit than a simple, “send me an email”.

Making an appointment to get started on the buying and selling property process is way more likely to get those clients in front of you and ready work with you over anyone else.

Loan Officers

Loan officers tend to go with old fashion tactics for making appointments with their clients.

However, using an online booking platform may be a good option to simplify the process. Whether it’s to meet to start the pre-approval process or submit applications, making it easier for your clients to meet with you is always a good idea.

Hair Salons and Beauticians

A simple way to book a hair appointment can easily become the difference between keeping a client or not. The key is to keep it simple and organized. If you make it too complicated, clients will move on. Then, while it might seem easiest to do it through a text or Facebook message, it’s also easy to lose information or have a miscommunication.

This is one industry, that it really just makes more sense to use an intuitive online scheduling platform.

Wedding Dress Boutiques

While not all consumer shops require appointments, specialty boutiques should make use of appointment software and open up to scheduled shopping appointments. This is a great marketing tool for shop owners and allows you to offer a higher level of customer service.

Do you use online appointment software? 

5 Misconceptions of Online Appointment Scheduling Software

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If you are looking into using an online scheduling software, you probably already know that using one will improve your time management as well as provide you with a host of other benefits. However, there are some misconceptions surrounding online software that may be causing you some concern.

Let’s dispel these misconceptions, so that you can move forward in your business with one of the best online scheduling system’s available.

Misconception One: Loss of Privacy for Customers

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