5 Ways to BUILD your clientele for your business

Number One: Focus on customer loyalty

Referrals and word of mouth is the strongest marketing you’ll ever get. People will trust their friends’ experiences and recommendations before they listen to anything they read online. Thus, one of the best ways to get more customers is to treat your current customers right. This happens with excellent customer service, a product worth having, and even customer loyalty programs!

Number Two: Connect to other businesses in your industry

build your clientele

Networking with other businesses in your vertical is another great way to build your clientele. For example, if you’re a hair stylist you’ll want to connect with nail salons, beauty shops, etc. and become the stylist that they refer their customer’s too. The same goes for wedding photographers. Think about other business that work in the same vein as you do and connect. So, in this case it would be florists, cake shops, wedding planners, etc.

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Marketing Terms for Small Businesses | Part Two| C- I

Marketing Glossary

Our marketing glossary for small businesses continues! Understanding the concepts behind buzzwords like conversion rate and inbound marketing is your first step to online marketing your small business.

For A-B, check out our first addition to our marketing glossary here!

Marketing Glossary

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Marketing Terms for Small Businesses |Part One| A-B

Marketing Terms to make your life easier

Running and marketing your own business can be overwhelming. That’s why there are so many services out there like Georgie Scheduler that are meant to make your job easier.

Depending on whether your a massage therapist or your sell handmade dolls on Etsy, that terminology will differ slightly. However, there are some key marketing terms that every business owner should know.

Here are 8 Marketing Terms that You Should Know

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