How to Cope with Workplace Anxiety

Anxiety is no joke.

If you suffer from anxiety – no matter what your triggers are – when you come across a title that suggests a way to cure your anxiety or get rid of it, you’re likely to jump at the chance to find the magical fix to that heavy feeling that weighs on your chest and the inability to breathe when it just becomes too much. It’s why, while I want people to read this, I didn’t want to bait you in with something that wasn’t true, and used the word cope.

The number one thing that you, the people around you -your managers, your friends and family-need to understand is that there isn’t a cure. There isn’t a quick fix. And anxiety can have such deep roots that you may not even know why you’re triggered.

The Cure to Anxiety is a Myth
workplace anxiety

So no. I don’t have a list of things to cure your workplace anxiety. Anyone that promises that isn’t really being honest. Or, perhaps, has little understanding of how anxiety works. I do however have coping tools that may just be exactly what you need. The combination of tools come from a mix of research and practice.

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Training Employees for the Success of Their Careers and Your Business.

You’ve interviewed your top applicants and hired new employees that you’re really excited about. Now What?

Now you make their success your priority. 

Select International wrote an excellent blog post about what successful companies do in order to retain top level talent.

The five things they are suggesting are: 

  1. To create an environment that makes your employee feel like they matter, like the work they do has an impact. 
  2. Make the expectations and goal of your business crystal clear. This really helps them see their purpose!
  3. Develop the workplace to be one of open and honest communication. Your employees should be able to take feedback and so should you!
  4. Provide opportunities for growth. 
  5. Give recognition to hard work. 

While I agree that every single one of these points are important to the success of your employees and therefore your business, I really want to focus on one point in particular. 

Provide opportunities for growth. 

Training employees is going to be one of the most essential things that you do as a business owner that wants her excellent employees to remain excellent. Missing this piece is one of the fastest way to turn a talented worker into a burnt out, ready to move on, worker. 

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Start With These Two Tips to Better Motivate Employees

motivate employees to not be a bored monkey

If you’re a small business owner then you want and need your employees to bring it every single day. But, burn out happens. And a lack of motivation can turn a top employee to the guy cutting every corner. Which sucks for you and sucks for them. When it comes down to it, you want to motivate employees. You just don’t really know where to start.

Motivated or unmotivated employees can be the make or break of your business success.

Sometimes business owners feel helpless when it comes to how to motivate employees. They think it’s something that’s just supposed to be innately within them regardless of what they’re doing.

Sure, you want to hire employees with drive.

However, in the workplace, the culture can heavily impact whether or not your employees will be motivated or not, regardless of each individual’s personality and personal drives.

So the FIRST TIP I’m actually going to give you that’s not typical for the list is to examine the culture of your business.

  • What do you’re employee’s expect from their overhead, their peers?
  • Do they speak up when there’s an issue? Or when they know how to fix it?
  • Do they own up to their mistakes? What happens when they do?
  • What are the unwritten policies?

Motivating employees starts with know where their lack of motivation is coming from or even just seeing where their lack of motivation is showing up.

In other words, when motivating your employees it starts with you.

It’s not just a them problem.

motivate employees in you office culture

If you hired all new employees without changing anything about how you run thing, you’ll probably be running into the same issue with unmotivated employees.

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