Is Social Media Marketing Leading Toward Self Destruction?

User Trends from 2018 to 2019

Some say it’s not a question of if Social Media is disappearing, but more that it’s transforming. What ends up mattering most is if this transformation is good or bad.

Even just looking at the chart above from Global Web Index‘s social media and consumer study, high percentages of online users are still members, showing up, on social media. Social media is still being used across all generations. However, it seems that what it’s being used for, isn’t what we’re used to as business owners.

Time is Money

What’s the average age of your customer? Based on this chart, you can see that younger markets have their target customers on social media the most.

Shocking right?

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What is Customer Engagement in Your Business?

customer engagement online booking

Determining What Customer Engagement Looks Like to You:

You may be aware of the greatest risks that lead to a decline in your customer retention. One of the risks that should be on your radar is a lack of customer engagement. We talked a little bit about what engagement is in our blog here and defined it as a customer realizing value from using your product or service.

In this article, we want to go into a little bit about what that customer engagement actually looks like in action.

Use of Service

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Your Digital Voice and Where to Develop it Best

Logos as your Digital Voice

When you build your business you are simultaneously building your brand.  You can think of your brand or brand identity as the image and messaging that your customers receive.

Your branding should be consistent to the point that when a consumer sees your logo, or even the style of your photos, that they will recognize it as you.

Part of your branding is your content or digital voice.

This includes your approach to social media, the content on your website, blogging, vlogging…you get the idea. It’s the persona you create through content on your business website and profiles.

How you present content, the tone and style you use, says something about your business and develops a relationship with your customer.

Then, the different content media outlets can have different advantages.

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