How to Cope with Workplace Anxiety

Anxiety is no joke.

If you suffer from anxiety – no matter what your triggers are – when you come across a title that suggests a way to cure your anxiety or get rid of it, you’re likely to jump at the chance to find the magical fix to that heavy feeling that weighs on your chest and the inability to breathe when it just becomes too much. It’s why, while I want people to read this, I didn’t want to bait you in with something that wasn’t true, and used the word cope.

The number one thing that you, the people around you -your managers, your friends and family-need to understand is that there isn’t a cure. There isn’t a quick fix. And anxiety can have such deep roots that you may not even know why you’re triggered.

The Cure to Anxiety is a Myth
workplace anxiety

So no. I don’t have a list of things to cure your workplace anxiety. Anyone that promises that isn’t really being honest. Or, perhaps, has little understanding of how anxiety works. I do however have coping tools that may just be exactly what you need. The combination of tools come from a mix of research and practice.

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Pushing Past Surface-Level Interview Questions When Staffing Your Business

What are you looking for when you post a job opening?

It may seem like a silly question with a simple answer. You want someone who can do the job excellently.

But here’s the thing. How do you know they will be excellent? And really, what does excellent mean to you?

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Create a Growth Mindset Culture for Business Success

growth mindset

It’s been pretty well accepted that there are two main beliefs or mindsets about our intelligence and skills. We either believer our talents are either with us from the womb – born to play the piano, to sing, to play baseball, etc. Or we believe that our talents, our skills, can be developed through hard work and endurance.

The first is what we call a fixed mindset and the second is a growth mindset.

I’ll give you two guesses which one is the mindset that leads to success!

If you’re stuck in the fixed mindset, or your staff is, then you’ll likely give up when the going gets hard. And sweetheart, you’re a small business owner. It’s not always going to be cake and unicorn parties.

So, let’s take a look at ways you can infuse yourself and your work culture with the growth mindset and lead your business to success.

8 Ways to Develop the Growth Mindset

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